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Senior Technical Specialist in Total Vostok


What was your career path before joining the Total team?

After obtaining my Master degree from the Gubkin University of Oil and Gas I worked in a research center performing tests of fuels and lubricants. This job provided me a welcome opportunity to better understand the practical aspects of the lubricants’ use, to get a “feeling” of them. So, when I knew of a vacancy in Total Vostok, a company specialized in lubricants, I was interested and applied for the job.

I understand that for the employer a young technician just one year from the university is kind of pig in a poke, so I am thankful to those who decided to hire me for their trust. I hope that in my five years in Total Vostok I have lived up to their expectations.

How would you describe the essence of your work in Total Vostok?

Presently I deal with industrial clients and partners of Total Vostok and provide support to marketing in industrial segments such as metallurgy, construction, mining, cement, oil & gas. To provide quality service to such clients, you have to possess in-deep understanding of processes and machines and how would Total lubricants interact with them. It is a challenging intellectual work.

I like working with our clients – you have to learn constantly to keep up with them. It’s a privilege to meet great technical specialists and business leaders; they are interesting people, and I have learned a lot through my work. Total Vostok is involved in technical audits and joint testing programs with automotive industry, which is also a source of invaluable practical knowledge.

I highly appreciate the opportunities to meet my colleagues from other Total affiliates, to exchange with experts from other countries. The company makes it possible, in particular, by encouraging learning of foreign languages and providing training.

What are your hobbies?

I like what I do very much, so my job, to a great extent, can be considered one of my hobbies! But there are of course other interests. I love to travel, and for me it must be something active, such as cycling tour across Europe with rambles to interesting places along the way, rather than staying at a beach resort. I like reading; it gives you a different point of view. I am a big fan of outdoor as a respite from the exhausting megalopolis.


"I like working with our clients – you have to learn constantly to keep up with them"

Short Resume



Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas,
Master degree in Chemistry and Technology of Lubricants.

“Evaluation of the efficiency of detergents in motor oils depending on their composition and structure”

Career at Total

April 2015 to present
Senior technical specialist for Total Vostok

2010 - April 2015
Technical specialist for Total Vostok