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The Kharyaga PSA, a Longstanding Commitment, a Win-Win Partnership

The project is operated by TotalEnergies' long-term partner, Zarubezhneft (since Agust 1, 2016). Before that TotalEnergies has been producing oil from levels 2 and 3 of the Kharyaga field in the Nenets Autonomous District for almost 17 years. The project has demonstrated our technological excellence and leadership in extreme working conditions and we support the new operator with our experience and expertise.

Better Energy Through Expertise 

We brought to the project our extensive experience with sour gas and carbonate reservoirs all over the world and industry-leading technical performance in geosciences. These advantages enabled us to successfully tackle the challenges of the harsh environment, a highly paraffinic oil that freezes at 29°C and associated gas that contains hydrogen sulfide.

Better Energy Through Trust

Working with Statoil, Zarubezhneft and Nenets Oil Company, we create revenue and jobs in the region and implement long-term social projects in close cooperation with local institutions and the community. We see the Kharyaga PSA as an important way of making energy better by contributing to the economic and social development of the Nenets Autonomous District.



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