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Reservoir Engineer


Vadim learned about Total in Gubkin Oil and Gas University at a lecture provided by a member of Total Professeurs Associes, TPA. In 2015 Vadim gained Total scholarship for an international Master program. Now he works at Total, taking part in the development of the South-Tambey field which is the resource base for Yamal LNG, a joint project of Total and its strategic partner NOVATEK.   

Studies in Russia 

Studies at the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas came easy to Vadim. Back in school, he took interest in physics, math and chemistry, which is why he decided to become an engineer. Also, he always dreamt of having a chance to work in other countries on most challenging and interesting projects, say, offshore. In his fifth year at the university, Vadim applied for participation in the Modeling of Natural Reservoirs, Hydrocarbon Accumulations and Reservoir Engineering, a joint Master’s program of the Gubkin University and Institut Français du Pétrole (IPF School) in Paris. 
Having successfully passed admission tests, Vadim applied for Total’s scholarship.

“I was invited to the company’s Moscow office where I passed tests and interviews. It was an excellent opportunity for me to learn more about Total Group and its activities in Russia”.

In-depth academic knowledge, industriousness and active stand in life helped Vadim to win the contest and get the longed-for scholarship. 

Studies in France

During the first semester, candidates for the Master’s degree received training from Russian professors in their Alma Mater, and the French part of the program commenced in the second semester. In January 2016, Vadim came to Paris for studies at the IPF School. 

“Studies in France were an absolutely new experience for me. For the first time in my life, I became a member of a large group of foreign students with different academic and practical backgrounds as a matter of fact.  Here, the educative process is built somewhat differently. Each course focuses on developing practical skills and mastering state-of-the-art exploration and simulation programs. Projects may be both group-wide and individual”. 

Internship at the Centre Scientifique et Technique Jean Féger in Pau 

After the training session at the IFP School, Vadim came back to Moscow. The third semester was the most difficult.  Vadim was to find a place for internship which is mandatory for successful completion of the Master’s program. On the recommendation of Total’s Russian affiliate and program curators in Paris, Vadim posted an application on the website and got the place of an intern with the Department of Hydrodynamic Well Studies at Total’s Сentre Scientifique et Technique Jean Féger (CSTJF).  

“The next six months, I was adopting practices from top-notch specialists and participating in a R&D project to develop new software. I very much enjoyed the friendly environment in my team and CSTJF at large. I felt good about the work-life balance.  I was able to markedly improve my French which helped me to better understand and feel the history and culture of the Pyrénées”.

On completion of the internship, Vadim successfully defended his graduation thesis and received Master’s degree in July 2017.  Six months later, Total’s Moscow office invited Vadim to join the team of the Geosciences Department and to take part in the Yamal LNG project. 

“I felt company support from the very beginning and I am happy with the opportunity to become a part of the big Total family and work side by side with professionals who are keeping options open and willing to share their knowledge and experience”. 

Vadim Garipov ENG

“Studies in France were an absolutely new experience for me”.